Building and Pest inspection in Pakenham

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Building and Pest inspection in Pakenham

Building and Pest inspection prior to purchase is one of the most critical aspects of the property buying process. Pakenham is one of the best suburbs in Victoria with ample property prospects. While most of these properties are built to last forever, following the Australian Building Standards, there is no shortage of properties that are questionable in terms of stability and integrity.

At Frankston, we offer professional and unbiased building and pest inspection in Pakenham. You will have a designated building inspector working on your property inspection requirement. The building inspector would thoroughly inspect the property both internally and externally, checking for any major construction defects and other flaws. Based on our building inspection Pakenham reports, you can negotiate with the seller and buy the property at a cost-effective price, considering the future costs of repairs and maintenance.

Experienced Building Inspector in Pakenham

At Frankston, we employ professional, seasoned and certified building inspectors only. Each building inspector has served significant time in the industry, performing property inspection for a range of properties across Pakenham. We not only assess the structural stability of the building but also identify the pest presence and chances of occurrence in the future.

The designated property inspector spends significant time in assessing the Sub-Floor & Roof-Space, wet areas for any leaks, presence of Asbestos as well as nesting of pests inside or under the property. Each report is detailed with all major and minor issues listed along with photographs as visual proof.

We also perform electrical and plumbing property inspection to advice on drainage, water pressure, water hammer etc. as well as wiring and electrical safety.

Our pest inspectors are fully licensed and also hold Full Professional Indemnity Insurance. They perform a detailed non-invasive Timber Pest Inspection of the property using modern tools and techniques including Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Meter. We do not overlook the value of conventional testing and also include tap sounding techniques and visual inspection while evaluating the property for pests.

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Why choose Frankston Building Inspection in Pakenham?

Frankston is one of the leading and trusted building inspection and pest inspection companies. Known for our prompt professional services, we ensure to be thorough and vigilant while inspecting a prospective property and offer you the key insights of its structural safety, functional quotient and pest inspection.

Our services are trusted by thousands of property owners in Pakenham and we have customers returning to us because of high-quality services. Our core objective is to save our clients from investing in a dangerous and loss prone property, which could give them nightmares if not inspected in time. Highlighting all the major issues to the buyer, we make them aware of what is in store for them with the particular property deal.

If you are considering buying a property, contact us for building inspection Pakenham. Our experts are readily available to handle your property inspection requirement and offer you a detailed building inspection in the shortest time.


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